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  An expert installation is the most important part of your
new synthetic lawn or putting green. Our advanced
Putting Green installation techniques consider many factors
in providing a professional job. 
Rain, run off and drainage
must be considered prior to starting the installation
must be corrected.  Existing vegetation is removed from
the area. 
Aggregate is brought in to build the foundation.
Once the desired foundation
is created , it is then compacted forming a stable base with good drainage.  The turf is then
placed over the foundation, contoured around
landscape and designed to meet the needs with the least
amount of
seams possible.  The final touches include infill,
golf cups and clean up.

Installation Process

synthetic turf installation process 1

Existing vegetation is removed, edging may

be installed and aggregate is trucked in.

synthetic turf installation process 2
The aggregate helps
in designing the installation and is then compacted to form a solid foundation with good drainage.
synthetic turf installation process 3
The turf is partially pre-cut at our
warehouse and is
placed in position.
synthetic turf installation process 4

The turf is contoured to fit the design and seamed together

as necessary. The perimeter edges are tucked in

and spiked so they will be secure.

final installation

Golf flags and cups are installed and a ceramic sand is infilled into the putting surface while a sand and

rubber crumb mixture is infilled into the lawn portion.