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Synthetic grass in Hawaii??  You bet!  Hawaii's diverse weather with very wet windward sides and dry leeward sides makes growing grass a challenge at times.  Our big trees don't always allow enough sun to grow a thriving yard.  Who's got the time to maintain a beautiful landscaped yard anyway?  Don't you just want to enjoy it?  How much time do you spend maintaining your yard? Artificial turf has come a long way since Astroturf.  You've probably looked right at a Synthetic turf lawn and not even realized it was fake grass!  Let local company, NyLawn and you, design a yard you can enjoy for years.  We can incorporate existing landscaping or re-design your whole yard.  Why not add a putting green?  Got Pets?  NyLawn is safe for pets of all kinds and sizes.  It's easy to clean, pest and odor free.  
landscaped Synthetic lawn with bridge



This Kaneohe  synthetic grass front lawn includes beautiful landscape features with a faux stream and bridge with accents of solar lighting.

rock garden lawn with fake grass




Artificial grass turf can make life easier in rock gardens like this.  Before it was hard to maintain around each rock.  Now with fake grass it always looks beautiful.

tiered lawn with artificial grass


A dirt slope where grass wouldn't grow is what used to be at

this Manoa, Hawaii home. 

With expert design and flagstone,

a tiered yard with artificial grass

and safe stepping stones is now

an area where kids love to play!

front yard hill with synthetic grass



Hills can be hard to maintain and mow and that was true for this Mariner's Ridge front lawn.  With NyLawn's professional installation of synthetic turf, this hill always looks great!

narrow lawn using artificial turf
Narrow back yards can be hard to maintain, and grass usually has a hard time growing because of shade from neighboring houses. 
With NyLawn's design and professional installation,  this is now a landscaped backyard with synthetic lawn that anyone would be proud to own.


back yard pool with surrounding artificial turf



Natural grass around a pool can be hard to maintain. Kids splashing cause excess water in the over saturated grass and creates slippery mud pits with dirty foot prints. NyLawn's artificial grass with a good drainage design can keep your pool area mud and foot print free.

pool with synthetic turf lawn




NyLawn's professionally designed

synthetic turf installation around pool

areas creates a lawn that's always ready to enjoy and impress your guests!

Synthetic turf around pool area



Mowed grass gets blown and tracked into pools by kids running around and jumping in the pool causing more work for you to keep the pool clean.  NyLawn's turf grass will help keep your pool debris free  and always looking great!


Toddler lawn at Star of the Sea

Star of the Sea Toddler Lawn

NyLawn's artificial lawn is safe, kid friendly and allergy free.  More and more Day Care's, Pre Schools and Early Learning Centers are turning to artificial grass.  Our synthetic grass for play grounds is soft, locks in the dirt and germs, and provides a clean, soft surface to roll and fall on.  No more sandy, dirty, kids with scraped knees!  Kid-safe because there is no need for pesticides or other harmful chemicals.
Sheraton Waikiki Rum Fire lounge lawn



Sheraton Waikiki Rum Fire

The Sheraton Waikiki Rum Fire used NyLawn's fake grass synthetic turf for their outdoor lounge giving the area a natural, tropical feel and look.

warehouse lawn
APB Warehouse
This common area on Kaiholo Street in Campbell Industrial Park, is 6000 sq ft, quite impressive and no maintenance!


synthetic lawn turf with faux river and bridge



Besides artificial grass, a well designed

 lawn can create creative landscaping

that can be customized to your taste

like this Kaneohe home.

synthetic grass countoured around tree roots



Hawaii has big beautiful trees,

especially banyan trees. 

NyLawn has alot of experience contouring our artificial turf around many tree roots so they do not have to be disturbed. 

artificial turf around front lawn stepping stones





NyLawn's synthetic lawn detail work is

 great around stepping stones,

decorative rocks and

 fancy landscape edges.


Japanese Garden Before
Japanese Garden with ugly grass and dirt


Japanese Garden After

Japanese garden with fake grass